CBS James’s Street


In CBS James Street, we offer many scholarships to our students. There is a college place for everyone! Three lucky students may be awarded the Ray Wilson Scholarship which pays for their fees every year they are in college and spending money to buy any college materials needed. Ray is a past student of our school and wanted to give something back to our students here in Jamebo! We also nominate one student every year for a Diageo award. We get funding from Community Development, Deloitte and Orgins to give out money to 6th year students to help them through 3rd level education. We also have 2 scholarships from DBS for our 6th year students where their fees will be paid and spending money. We get one scholarship from Griffith College also. We are a Tap school so this means that our students can apply to the foundation course in Trinity and then do any course they want in Trinity after they do the foundation course.

Basin Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland
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